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How Do I Prevent Ingrown Toenails?

Ingrown toenails can strike for a number of reasons—activity, environment, even genetics. And when they do strike, they can be more than a simple nuisance. Pain, tenderness, swelling, and difficulty wearing shoes can all be part of the problem. In the worst cases, you...

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Is Surgery Always Needed for Hammertoes?

If you’ve noticed a permanent bend in the knuckles of one or more of your toes, you’ve probably noticed something else—it isn’t getting any better. That’s unfortunately the reality of the condition. Hammertoes, like most foot or toe deformities, are a progressive...

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How Are Bunions and Hammertoes Related?

If you pay attention, you may have noticed that bunions and hammertoes are often mentioned in the same sentence, or the same breath. Although these are separate conditions that often occur independently of one another, it’s no mistake that they are often grouped...

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Preventing Bunions and Their Progression

This needs to be said upfront – outright preventing a bunion is quite difficult. For one thing, bunions are not caused by women’s shoes (as is commonly thought). As another consideration, the tracks for this common condition have often been laid long before someone...

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Summer is here..

Our staff always has a team ready for community events rather it's setting up a booth for information or having a team to do a race. . Last month we did the 5k Run to Remember on the Northshore benefiting Wounded Warrior Heroes.  This race was organized by Dynamic...

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