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Socks and Summer Heat

Summer heat can be all around brutal. As you might have encountered here in the Gulf South, you can find yourself drenched in sweat within a matter of minutes of stepping outside. But, did you know this can lead to some pretty serious foot problems? Toenail fungus,...

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Welcome Dr. Robert Lagman!

Gulf South Foot and Ankle welcomes Dr. Robert Lagman to the Covington office. As of April 1, 2019, Dr. Lagman’s former practice, Lagman Foot & Ankle, will join the GSFA family.Dr. Robert Lagman of Lagman Foot and Ankle joins Gulf South Foot and Ankle Covington...

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Foot pain can come in many forms and one of the main types I see and treat are painful big toe deformities called, Bunions.  A bunion is a medical condition where the great toe tends to lean over towards the second digit creating and imbalance to the bone...

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Neuromas - how closed-toe shoes can cause this condition and what to do about it.In cold weather, you're likely putting away the flip flops and wearing more closed-toe shoes.  Closed-toe shoes that are narrow or have a pointed toe box style can cause a...

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From the Patient’s Perspective

The Procrastinator's Notes on Dealing with Injured Nail and Toe Fungus The Laser Treatment Option As a 45-year-old male who thinks of himself as a former athlete and an active adult, but in reality is more like quasi-active and knows he should be much more on the...

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What is a Podiatrist?

A Podiatrist is a foot and ankle specialist.  This type of doctor treats conditions of the foot and ankle that range from ingrown toenails to more complex injuries such as ankle fractures.  The podiatrist can also play an integral part of the health care...

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