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April Showers Bring May Flowers

This time of year is usually a mix of rain, sun and warmer weather. The moisture all around can tend to lead to moisture in our shoes. This dark and moist environment in our shoes can lead to a problem known as Tinea Pedis. This is commonly referred as...

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How to Soothe Ball of Foot Pain

Where do you want your feet to take you today? If you're suffering from pain and swelling in the balls of your feet, you might find you don't get much farther than the sofa. Don't shrug off ball of foot pain, also called metatarsalgia, as a natural part of getting...

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Are You Experiencing Pain Between Your Toes?

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, the holidays are now in full swing. This is such a fun time of year, but it's also a fairly busy time. We typically increase our activity with shopping, parties, and holiday events, which tends to be the time of year that I see more...

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