FAQ - Arthritis

How can arthritis be treated without surgery?

There are actually many effective treatments for foot arthritis without surgery being necessary. Conservative care is always our first option, and surgery is reserved as a “last resort” for eliminating pain. Shoe changes, pads, and orthotics are some of the most common remedies. They change the foot’s support, helping reduce impacts on your lower limbs while absorbing shock. Orthotics can also control abnormal foot motion, minimizing stress on an arthritic joint. Physical therapy can help improve and maintain your range of motion in a stiff area. In some cases, a brace or stiff shoe can prevent the joint from moving too much and causing discomfort. Our staff at Gulf South Foot & Ankle, LLC may suggest pain medications for you, too. These could be oral medicines or direct injections, depending on your needs.

If you’re struggling with arthritis in your feet, don’t avoid seeking help because you’re afraid you’ll need surgery. Let Dr. Leon Watkins, Dr. Maria Markiewicz, and Dr. Charles Caplis show how nonsurgical therapies can help you. Call our Metairie, LA, office at (504)-708-4810 to make an appointment today.

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