Nail Trimming

Many patients come to Gulf South Foot & Ankle to have their toenails cut.  This is an invaluable service for patients that for one reason or another cannot or should not cut their nails themselves. 

Reasons patients CAN NOT cut their own toenails include:

-poor eye sight

-nails are too thick

-arthritic hands

-back problem

 Reasons patient SHOULD NOT cut their own toenails include:


-peripheral vascular disease

-neuropathy(nerve damage in the feet causing numbness)

 *For our diabetic patients, even if you can cut your own toenails we strongly advise you not to.  Often the horror stories you hear about diabetics losing their toes and feet start with minor trauma caused by cutting their toenails.    

 At Gulf South Foot & Ankle, we have some patients that visit our office who state that they have been thinking of coming for years ,but were too embarrassed because they thought their feet looked so awful.  Please do not let this be a reason not to come see us.   At Gulf South Foot & Ankle, we see all kinds of feet and your modesty and privacy is important to us.  You need your feet to get you around so please come in and allow us the privilege of caring for them.  Below are some pictures of some severely neglected toenails.  With our special instruments, we are able to transform these feet into healthier, cleaner, safer and more functional feet in just one visit.

 Our Podiatrists recommend having your toenails cut every 3 months.  During your visit, we perform a thorough inspection of your feet and look for any potential problems.  Corns or calluses will also be shaved down as part of your treatment.  Your nails are cut by a doctor, not an assistant, and the procedure is painless.  For certain medical conditions having your toenails cut is considered medically necessary and covered by insurance.



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