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Gulf South Foot and Ankle has always taken pride in the care for our patients that need immediate service by providing same or next day appointments.  We know that when you have a foot issue that has pained you for a long time and you’re ready to be seen, there is no need to wait around a few weeks for an appointment.  We also know that many patients that injure their foot or ankle typically end up going to an urgent care facility or emergency room only to be told that they will need to be seen by a specialist to treat the issue.   We have removed the need to go to an urgent facility or emergency room by being able to accommodate those types of issues quickly so patients can skip the added costs and time associated with those facilities.

Patients at Gulf South Foot and Ankle can come straight to one of our facilities if they hurt their foot or ankle.  We get you in and can evaluate the issue and determine the best course of action.  Our facilities have the latest equipment if an x-ray is needed to determine if a bone is broken and can set the cast and get you on your way.  Saving you the one thing that is the most precious in this day and age — your time.  We also have a surgical facility at our Metairie location to handle situations that require an operation. 

With the latest equipment and our commitment to serving the patients in this community and beyond, Gulf South Foot and Ankle is the one-stop location for all foot and ankle needs. 

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