Pin Pointe Nail Fungus Laser

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Blog Archives

Nail fungus can be an embarrassing problem and affect many people. We often get told by our patients that they were too embarrassed to make an appointment. But, were very happy with the end results.

Nail fungus can be difficult to treat.   Therefore, there are many treatments to address this issue, however one modern
treatment that is highly effective in clearing the fungus is the Pin Pointe Laser. This is a treatment
offered by our physicians at Gulf South Foot and Ankle. The laser is safe with no burning or side effects. This treatment is
safe for diabetics and people with peripheral vascular disease. You can see results as early as four weeks.
The pin pointe laser is a cash only procedure and is not covered by insurance.

Now that we are in the Fall season and you will be wearing more closed toe shoes and less flip flops, this is the perfect time                     to address this embarrassing issue. Call today for a consult with one of our physicians and learn more about this procedure today.