What You Need to Know about Our Recommended Pincer Toenail Treatment Method

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Pincer nails are a common type of ingrown toenail. They occur when the sides of your nails become curved inwards and dig into the surrounding skin. Oftentimes this type of condition results from aging, as years of wearing tight shoes can cause the nail to squeeze. However, it is also common to develop this condition when you have a bone spur under the nail.

No matter the cause of the pincer toenail, podiatrists have a treatment method to fix it. The most common method is a simple ingrown toenail procedure. This consists of removing any offending nail borders by cutting from both sides of the nail. Although this procedure relieves patients of pain and discomfort, many find the remaining nail cosmetically displeasing. For this reason, we recommend a newer pincer toenail treatment method: the KD Device.


What is the KD Device?

The KD Device is an FDA-approved clip that hooks on both sides of the nail to straighten the root. The device is made of special memory metal alloy that is flexible and bends easily at low temperatures, less than 25 degrees C. Once applied to the nail, heat from the body causes the device to return to its original shape. In doing so it “unrolls” the toenail. Prior to applying the KD Device, your podiatrist will pull out the ingrown parts of the toenail. Then, he or she will measure your nail to ensure that the device fits the affected toe’s shape and size. Once the hook reaches the nail base, where the pincer nail begins, the doctor will install a second KD Device. This will remain at the top to ensure that the entire nail reshapes.

Although this method ultimately straightens the hard tissue to fix the nail root’s curve, the KD Device does not cause any damage to the matrix or nail bed. It is not only a short-term fix for the pain and annoyance an ingrown toenail can cause, but also a long-term solution for preventing the nail from curving inwards again.


How long does it take the KD Device to fix the pincer toenail?

The KD Device typically takes a few weeks to produce results. After weeks of holding your keratin tissues in the correct shape, the tissue grows enough to correct the nail. Once the nail is straight, the KD Device can be removed. Overall, the process is simple. One trip to the podiatrist can change embarrassing, painful nails into straight ones.


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